PWAs Progressive Web Apps


PWAs Progressive Web Apps

29 May ’20 Teaching 0

My delve into cloud-thinking, has led me to learn about PWAs or Progressive Web Apps. The acronym popped up in a few threads and investigations and I marked them on my mental todo list to investigate.

The acronym popped again tonight in an update from G Suites Update blog.

We’ve launched a new Google Chat standalone app. The app is a Progressive Web Application (PWA), which provides a fast, reliable, and engaging way to use Chat on any desktop device with the Google Chrome web browser.

So what are PWAs? According to Google, PWAs are web apps with “native app functionality,” with advantages.

No updates. Better loading performance. Add to those two, no OS limitations. HTTPS is required meaning your data is secure.

So here are two examples. Redberry and Photopea.

Redberry creates an infinitely expandable task and subtasks list. You can’t add due dates, and you can’t add sophisticated notes, The app can be used without an account, but if you want to sync your tasks with other devices, you need one. So far – I am liking it alot. I would like it even more if I could collaborate.

Photopea is an image editor. The free version is ad-supported. Records 30 steps only. This post image was made with Photopea.

So now I know a little bit more.

Knowing more…

Two “stores” of PWA as such. and

PWA takes up less memory on your phone, has an offline mode.

On Android, Google Play Store with Chrome, has started to accept PWAs in the App Store. Apple appears less welcoming.


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