Hard graft and gratitude… Tom Roger


Hard graft and gratitude… Tom Roger

23 Jun ’18 #Success Leadership 0

A few lessons learnt this week, tying in with #teachwellfest, recognition and gratitude. Learning most days in school leadership, from colleagues and those with plenty more school leadership experience than I have.

Have spare neutral cards at your disposal so that you can leave a personal message for a colleague, when you are caught off guard or not prepared. – Tamra Bradbury Regional Principal for SW.

Welcome your team back from half terms with a Monday morning email if you can not be present. It really is the small things. – Tamra Bradbury Regional Principal for SW.

For social moguls – share a #ffed. Each Friday, Twitter users utilise the hashtag #ff to recognize other Twitter users, that they follow in an online event known as Follow Friday. Educators have extended that #ffed. It is a great way to get to know who to follow because at least one person has committed to recognising their influence.

Thinking this through…

Give some thought to who and why you want to recommend. If you are recommending one person, provide some information about what that person does and why you are recommending him or her.

Go ahead an recommend multiple people in a #ffed Tweet, however share what they have something in common.

Little and often. Don’t dilute it too far or by too many.


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