Chris Moyse opens #TLT17


Chris Moyse opens #TLT17

7 Oct ’17 Teaching 0

Chris Moyse opening to this years 5th birthday #TLT17 was a wonderful mixture of sense, encouragement and personal sharing. Quite unreflective of a student characterised as having


A strange mixture of ability and cocksure lethargy. If he is prepared to work hard he could develop extremely well, but his present progress is pedestrian.


His talk was backed by a wonderful and diverse reading list, years of experience and many many professional intereactions with schools.


The core message, a humble and realistic message, of personal endeavour, the frailities and hardships of being a teacher punctuated with occasional, gentle warnings, regarding retention within our profession.


Purposeful Practice. Have a challenging but feasible goal. Get Feedback. Go beyond what’s familiar. Take conscious control.



There were more than a handful of takeaways; here are a few of my favourites.

‘What’s the worst someone could say about a person whilst retaining an element of truth?’

Gabriele Oettingen – WOOP Wish Outcome Obstacle Plan.

Optimise simplicity and embrace failure.

You can’t constantly improve – sometimes we plateau, we need to consolidate.

It is okay to have “good bad days.”


Thanks Chris.


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