Driving to work with Gayle Allen
Driving to work with Gayle Allen

Driving to work with Gayle Allen

Like many, I drive to work in the morning. I leave before the traffic gets too heavy. I use the drive to think, reflect, plan and learn. Recently I have been driving to work with Gayle Allen. Not in person, obviously, but her Curious Minds podcast. Some people share their training runs, others their reading list, some their dinner plate, I shared my morning commute podcast – it was that good.

Only in researching this post did I learn that I am one of many, many appreciative listeners. I also learnt that Gayle Allen has a teaching outlook with a doctorate in adult learning from Teachers College, Columbia University. This may contribute of my enjoyment of Gayles interview style. It is somewhat like a teacher helping a student reveal what they already know. Of course, in this exchange, the students / interviewees most definitely know a lot and Gayle helps them reveal it, share it. For all aspiring or established leaders or indeed any curious mind.

Here are just a handle of podcast reflections.

CM 044: Jonah Berger on Hidden Forces Shaping Our Behavior – has made me consider changing the way we report student achievement to parents.

CM 041: Liz Wiseman on Why Learning Beats Knowing – will reassure every newly promoted leader, senior leader and head teacher that has step forward.

Why what we know is less important than how fast we can learn. Liz Wiseman

CM 039: Anders Ericsson on Peak Performance – was simply fascinating. Deliberate practice and expert teachers are still important.

CM 038: Dan Ariely Shares the Truth about Dishonesty – Dan really made me think hard about behaviour in school and supporting our children to make good decisions. Marshmallow experiment has little on Dan’s intriguing research.

CM 035: Greg McKeown on Achieving More by Choosing Less – introduced me to essentialism. My lists have never been shorter.

Thank you Gayle.


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