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Sorry for my absence

This September I started a new role at Boundary Oak School, new classes, new teaching, new systems, only to be tripped up at the end of week two by Covid. RememberMore development continues and something had to give – there was just not the time to write, sorry. Back to work this week gave me…
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2 Oct ’21 0

Filling in the gaps

This week my commute was been filled with two leadership podcasts (and the Tes Podagogy podcast with Dylan Wiliams). Two podcasts from two nonagenarian leaders with a combined 183 years life experience, over at Finding Mastery. Both John Nordstrom and Dr Albert Bandura were as sharp as a tack and their responses deliberate and sage.Even…
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16 Sep ’17 0

Driving to work with Gayle Allen

Like many, I drive to work in the morning. I leave before the traffic gets too heavy. I use the drive to think, reflect, plan and learn. Recently I have been driving to work withΒ Gayle Allen. Not in person, obviously, but her Curious Minds podcast. Some people share their training runs, others their reading list,…
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18 Jul ’16 0