Classdojo and Textiles


Classdojo and Textiles

7 Mar ’12 #Success Experiments Games Based Learning Teaching 1

For those of you that like to reward positive behaviour, then is an excellent tool and its only going to get better. Now available in IE, I have been sharing it with a range of staff and have received some very positive responses indeed. From a personal perspective, I know it impacts on behaviour as when I don’t use it class I give out more demerits. When I say more, one or two. As for learning resilience, time on task, it has a positive impact, on reading in particular. More specifically, in our lbrary sessions when classdojo is on display. students quizzed more books on Accelerated Reader. A clear impact. And it is clear that the staff that are using it, are already thinking outside the box, connect classdojo to schemes of work and even looking to develop the progress feedback.

Hi Kristian,

Sorry its taken me so long to get back to you. I never seem to get a second to myself at the moment! Please find attached some pictures from the monster project. Along with those I have been thinking (again) do you remember when we talked about the monster possibly getting bigger? I wondered whether instead, the monsters could build…kind of like hangman. Which removes the ‘point’ system and the badge of honour that some kids feel they get from negative numbers.

Eg: positive point gain an arm, leg, eye, nose, tail etc… Negative lose it again. Just an idea


The benefits or being at the start of a start-up is – anything is possible.

As for the team at classdojo, their thoughts on the 3D avatars and hangman option were very positive.

Faye – great to meet you! I love the idea of monster hangman – we should find a way to make that happen. The photos look awesome, and I’m intrigued – what did you envisage the monsters you are creating ultimately becoming? Will they be used in the classroom?   – Sam Chaudhary

Indeed Faye, I would be interested to know that too.

BTW – great work from the students there too. Let’s not forget them.


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  1. Kalen says:

    Hi Kristian – Kalen from ClassDojo here! Thanks so much for this wonderful blog post – we really appreciate the support 🙂

    If anyone comes across this post has any questions or needs help getting setup, please don’t hesitate to reach out! –


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