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Let’s not walk the path well trodden. Whether here at #ICT500 or there at http://schoolstech.org.uk/about/ the discussion and debate of what and why ICT continues.

There are valued observations to take from each of these arenas; Nick Jackson has wrestled with the definition and diversion of ICT as a subject through #ICTcurr for moths, Kevin Moore has alluded to the integrity and qualification of staff (I am, as you may know a passionate PE teacher, an enthused ICT teacher and challenged English teacher) and the seemingly imbalanced expectation of being an ICT teacher, and from the beautiful island of St Helena in the South Atlantic, James Greenwood was ahead of the game, embarking on an ICT makeover in his role as Advisory Teacher of ICT.

Can we approach the task with ‘joinedupthinking’ bring the education community together? Can ‘we’ plot a route way through education with sufficient structure to provide stability yet with sufficient room for curriculum exploration and learning experiments? Can ‘we’ ensure we hear the voices of the learners? Will there be learners (others then ourselves) at #rethinkingICT to ensure we map a curriculum of relevance? If not, why not?

So not to stand accused of not pinning my colours to the mast….. I believe in a curriculum outline, drawn from early years through to learning in workplace (any ever changing workplace). I believe in a curriculum outline that can be ‘coloured in’ by the profession. Let the teachers and learners get creative with their talents and surprise us with their colour combinations, which reminds me of the Sir Ken Robinson little girl draw Santa gag –

And yes they may go over the lines, but they know that there are lines. I also believe that learners should be able evidence their skills and abilities from wherever they have developed. I suppose I do not fall far from  James Greenwood’s finding, using, presenting, creating curriculum, which would very easily permit the inclusion of all that we currently offer and more, and of course allow pockets of excellence to blossom.

As for the code or not to code on the curriculum dilemma. Having spent the past 18 months learning and promoting Interactive Fiction (a hybrid of literacy and coding) I am a passionate coding (novice) convert. I am confident that there is a place for coding as both a unit of work and as a discrete discipline. So far I have only read the on or off debate, can we not have both?

Are we coming at the issue from the right directions? Rather than asking what should an ICT or Digital Studies curriculum look like, should we be asking what does an outstanding ICT or Digital student look like and how do we guide them there?

Santa gag

Teacher: What are you drawing little girl?

Child: I am drawing Santa Claus sir.

Teacher: But no one knows what Santa Claus looks like?!?

Child: They will in a minute!

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