ipadio: Textwall.co.uk
ipadio: Textwall.co.uk

ipadio: Textwall.co.uk

So there is certainly more to learn about using Textwall.co.uk in the classroom. It is clear from Holly impromptu interview (I spoke to her in her after school art workshop) that the textwall experiment was well received in our Yr11 PSRE lesson however there are still a few teaching and learning creases to iron out.

Testwall was useful for confirming prior learning, for example “define prejudice.” With students either ammending or copying or improving their definitions as a result of reading the 15 submitted to textwall. Where textwall was most effective was in answering moderate size, open exam questions. For example,

With all the student responses submitted to textwall, students were then able to write or construct a valuable answer. What is more, students submitted answers I had not considered and we able to discuss answers ‘unlikely’ to be award a mark.

Where textwall was less effiicient was with fastest finger responses, or quick fire though still useful.

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