I Still Believe in 121

I have been suggesting that 2012 would be being the year of ‘digital text’ in whatever format or guise it might be. I did not, and could not, have known about Apple’s pending iBook revolution?! Possibly but only where there is isaturation. I honestly thought it would be a combination of other devices and formats. Regardless, it has once again heightened my interest in 121 learning and 2012 is even more likely to be the year of digital text now.

Second time around I am far more interested in whole school cultural change and how to bring about that change, than I am about the tech. Even imaxing 3D, video enabled interactive iBooks, on super fast shiny new IPad3. In either form factor, if the rumours are in fact true and we could see a new mid size product.

This post is the result of wider reading and these simple words.

It doesn’t happen when society adopts new technologies – it happens when society adopts new behaviors.
– Clay Shirky, Here Comes Everybody, p. 160

It’s certainly easy to spend money of new technologies, if hard to sometimes justify. It’s never easy to spend money on developing new behaviours and even more difficult to justify.

That leaves me thinking about how to most effectively bring about change.

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Mo-post. These are always a bit random as editing is tough and mainly Siri generated.

Key Stage 3 Science with Quest

Tom Cole presented his four room Key Stage 3 Science game for Quest. I can not wait to play it, but I know Tom is very keen to add a little polish to the game before it is release. I the meantime, I know we/I can learn from his approach to IF design. Beware of the ferocious guard dog and talking hamster….. Like Tom, I mapped Lil Red out before construction on the Quest file began.

So here is Tom’s Prezi, a very useful resource for other educators thinking about introducing IF.

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