Month: January 2012


ipadio: Hexagonal Learning

I am not going to write a SOLO taxonomy thinking post, I do not know it well enough, I haven’t I explored it far enough nor taught with it in mind. But I will. However the hexagonal tessalating idea, now I am up for that. I may even combine it to shoeless teaching. There’s lots…
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31 Jan ’12 3

Can technology change teacher practice?

I could not hold back. I just let it all out… Tom Whitby offers educators really great discussion. This afternoon I got caught up in ‘Can technology change teacher practice. When it comes to technology enhanced learning, I love the gadgets but I am only interested in the learning. Do we really need to force feed it upon the profession?…
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30 Jan ’12 0

Programming the Wolfram Way

“Programming is to mathematics what composition is to English.” he said. “It’s how you express your creativity. Conrad Wolfram There is a strong validation for taking that programming and creativity and combining it with interactive fiction? No? Reflection on #lwf12 from the NY post here.  

30 Jan ’12 0

Whilst we are on the topic of Gaming…

“You don’t learn because your engaged. You’re engaged because you’re learning.” – Nick deKanter (Muzzy Lane Software)   Muzzy Lane mane serious education titles. I think I am planning to recommend Making-history to our history department. Surely playing one or all of the game demo’s would make for a fantastic extended learning task? Wouldn’t it?…
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29 Jan ’12 0

I Still Believe in 121

I have been suggesting that 2012 would be being the year of ‘digital text’ in whatever format or guise it might be. I did not, and could not, have known about Apple’s pending iBook revolution?! Possibly but only where there is isaturation. I honestly thought it would be a combination of other devices and formats.…
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28 Jan ’12 0

Key Stage 3 Science with Quest

Tom Cole presented his four room Key Stage 3 Science game for Quest. I can not wait to play it, but I know Tom is very keen to add a little polish to the game before it is release. I the meantime, I know we/I can learn from his approach to IF design. Beware of the…
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28 Jan ’12 1