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Best New Blog

16 Nov ’11 Teaching 2

I haven’t nominated anybody for an
Edublog Award before, I think that this will be my first year in doing so, and for very good reason. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading David Didau’s ‘The Learning Spy,’ devoured his entertaining posts with such gusto it would be unfair insincere not release recognising this new blog for an award. It may not be new to everyone, David’s commentary was certainly new to me. Good luck David with your and thank you.


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  1. David Didau says:

    Aw shucks K, I’m blushing. I’ve really enjoyed blogging and am chuffed to bits to hear that educators of your calibre think its worth reading. Thanks so much for your support.


  2. […] the Edublogs Awards have been going on since 2004. I’ve only been alerted to this thanks to Kristian Stills generous nomination of the The Learning Spy. Which is lovely. But before I getting too carried […]

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