Why You Students Don’t Do Homework?

I don’t need to do homework, because the teacher already knows the answer. He doesn’t need me. Sent from my iPhone


Another year, another #NC11 Dylan Wiliams workshops and I can not recall a workshop where I didn’t leave with more questions than answers. I anticipate that this year will not be an exception. Embedding formative assessment Dylan has authored two…..

Planning with Middle Leaders in Mind

Given a fairly positive first core day, I was giving ‘planning’ more consideration that I usually would on a Monday afternoon. Specifically, when and how you learn to plan effectively. So, given the NCSL materials and the commentary from Maggie…..

Leadership Pathways Core Day 1

The day started early. iO have kindly decided to support Interactive Fiction platform Quest and together with Andy Goff and Alex Warren we are hurriedly drafting an introduction competition for teachers and educator with some fantastic prizes. More of that later…. A short drive to the…..