Skeptical Customer and the Pencil Salesman


Skeptical Customer and the Pencil Salesman

4 Oct ’11 Digital Learning 0

When did the debate start on technology start?

Skeptical customer: “I’ve begun seeing more and more of these “pencils” around, but they don’t seem very useful to me.”

Pencil salesman: “Oh not true, they are very useful indeed. Combined with this “paper” they become a powerful storage system.  You can write your ideas down on the paper, and it will store it for later use.  And you can expand your paper and store even more ideas.”

Skeptical:  “But isn’t that a privacy risk?  If I write something with this pencil, can’t it be lost and read by others?”

Pencil Salesman:  “Well, yes, but you can always store the paper securely..”

Skeptical:  “But even so, what if I write down something on paper and want to unwrite it later.”

Pencil Salesman:  “Our developers have anticipated that!  See down here, this part of the pencil is an “eraser.” Just swipe the eraser across the markings and they’ll disappear.”

Skeptical:  “I dunno, I don’t have a lot of writing to do.”

Pencil Salesman:  “Well, everyone has different needs, that’s why this pencil comes with several Applications.  You can use the pencil to draw pictures.  You can use it to do mathematics.  Or you can compose poetry.  Or you can play games with it alone or with your children.  Whatever you want to do, there’s an App for that.”




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