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Hold the Press

18 Apr ’11 #Fail #Success e-Tools Teaching 0

I was just about to bring my SLS project search to an end for today when I found Karaokeparty. Its an online, scoring, battleing, recording Karaoke platform. The basic account is FREE and powered by ads but there is also a subscription service. What do you want to sing? Also means, what do lyrics do you needs to read to improve your score.


The things I do for teaching…. I annihilated ‘More than Words’ only to then butcher Katy Perry’s ‘Firework.’ and then managed a mere 4508 points, a lowly 475th TODAY for Bruno Mars ‘Just the Way You Are.’ C’on, there were only 10,318 better attempts this month!

The website is easy to access and comes with all the features you would expect from a modern social network. Given the Karaoke spin, you have the chance to battles other singers, record your own tracks and of course measure your performance statistics. I wonder if this is my route into reading using Same Language Subtitles?

Maybe…. just maybe we can host a party using their Partmode to celebrate the students reading improvements?

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