Month: November 2010


Fail Better

After three days of an SSAT Conference you left bruised. Keynotes poke and prod at your leadership thinking, some more aggressively than others. Workshops leave you eager to walk a different path and for ‘green, aspirational leaders,’ like myself, the conversations around and about the conference, provide numerous opportunities to observe experienced leaders ‘at work.’…
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28 Nov ’10 0

Fedex Day or Google Time

Ask yourself, is there one thing I can do, tomorrow or next week, to inject some more autonomy, to provide a little space for non-commissioned work (in your classroom or your organisation). Daniel Pink It is an old article, but a good indicator of what non-commissioned or 20% Google work time is all about. If…
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links for 2010-11-27

A site for English students to help with GCSE and A Levels (tags: english, aqa, lesson)

27 Nov ’10 0

SSAT Day 1 #NC10

Registration was simple and #NC10 customary recycled mini ‘potato’ gift sack gratefully received it I made my way over to Prof Dylan Williams presentation. [blackbirdpie id=”7383270597595136″] You can’t use 21st skills without a good dose of 19th century content. Dylan Williams knowledgeable, researched based delivery was both convincing and challenging. Later on in the presentation,…
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25 Nov ’10 0

SSAT #NC10 Day 1

First, where is the hashtag key on a mac keyboard? ALT AND 3 together, come on. This is my 3rd Annual National Conference. To date, I have found the conference invigorating, a real cerebral workout. Every year I get to talk educational leadership with our Head on the drive up, 2 hours (pending on how…
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links for 2010-11-23

Download Sound Effects Free – Soundboard Grid to Play Sounds Instantly

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