When Becta met Delicious
When Becta met Delicious

When Becta met Delicious

Real progress. It may have taken some internet searching, emails, forums posts, Twitter posts and phone calls but we are edging closer. Late Friday afternoon, I received my first official email from Becta. Short and to the point, as late Friday afternoon emails should be.

I can help bring the right Becta people into the discussion. Can you send me any kind of outline or details of what you’ve discussed with Yahoo! So far, so that I can get people here interested?

Within hours, I had contacted Delicious (early morning), who promptly connected with Becta with a very positive opening email.

A quick introduction, I work as Project Manager for Delicious and lived in the UK up until 6-7 years ago. That being the case I have a strong interest in social bookmarking and the UK school system.

No specifics have been discussed to-date, just the concept of Delicious and UK educators working together in some capacity. Kristian has been very kind in keeping me abreast of the recent conference, BectaX and how Delicious might be able to assist. Please feel free to reach out to me once you’re ready to discuss concepts and needs. When you do I’ll ensure I have the right people at my end with me ready to listen. I look forward to hearing from you.

Becta have now been presented with a fantastic opportunity to show their commitment to those who attended, pitched and feedback to BectaX.

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