LftM Learning Focus


LftM Learning Focus

14 Jan ’10 CPD and INSET L4L 0

Part of the LftM Learning Journey, is a ‘Focus’ document. In making the paper decision, I have tried to reflect on the advice from my LftM coach yet be realistic about the time I wish to invest in Lftm (given I spent over 5hrs completing the online content for the course of xmas) yet ensure that I demonstrate boths leadership and management within the topic.

I feel that the developmented of improved E-resources (L4L, VLE and website) at Hamble College has required vision, strategy and both vertical and horizontal management. The project has involved students / parents and teachers. I think it therefore represents a good case for a learning focus. Now in the second year, our team needs to reflect on our successes, manage our failures and adopt/refine practices to improve our success rate. Documentation is being revised and brought forward to coincide with a visit from colleagues for another school – so there is noe dual motivation to get this focus paper written, professional review and to provide a professional service to our visiting colleagues.

1. Outline the development of the Laptops for Learning Programme – the context.
2. Reflect on the success / challenges and failures of yr 1.
3. Action plan the revisions.
4. Strategy to re-present to parents – what have we learnt.
5. Wireless development

I hope to share this document here at a later date…. some time just before it needs to be completed no doubt. If 1-2-1 netbooks, laptops, learning interests you, or you yourselves are managing a 1-2-1 project, I would love to hear from you.


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