SSAT 17th Day 3
SSAT 17th Day 3

SSAT 17th Day 3

Its a the moment when the idea first sparks. The emphasis given to globalisation news at an Indian school showcased by one of the teacher presentations. A simple mentor activity that would need some help developing some eduX-factor, as sadly for many of our studnets the news just simply is not attractive enough on its own.

I need to contact Tony Parkin this morning, to share these wonderful, simple, visually stunning news sites with the SSAT, but I suspect it might to late for today/ this morning conference. Although, Thomas Friedman did suggest we act on our ideas and it would be in the spirit of the confernce. So my top 3 global news tools;

1. Spectra Visual Newsreader from MSBN

2. Ten by Ten

3 A little different, Boston News big picture.

Now I need to get the news to Tony Parkin.

And finally, a few days laters… Newsmap

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