Moodle Needs Sun, Water and Time


Moodle Needs Sun, Water and Time

20 Oct ’09 CPD and INSET 0

Moodle Champions CPD

This afternoon we had our second Skoogle CPD session. More than anything staff across the school need a) the time to spend on developing the resources and activities within their courses and b) to witness the benefits to their teaching. A cruel ‘catch 22’, one that many Moodle evangelists will appreciate and acknowledge, we have to encourage Moodle use, before it will become loved.

I know that a few of our Champions have added to their courses and one of two staff who have experimented with activities, but in all honesty, the uptake of the VLE has been minimal. Is our approach to germinating Skoogle a reliable one, or am I simply expecting too much too soon?

In discussion with our E-resources manager, it has been recognised that the Laptops 4 Learning project has been all encompassing and we are keen to see (expect) L4L stablise. Half term is seen as somewhat of a watershed for L4L and we must refocus on Skoogle.

In January, our Champions have been asked to present on their use of just one activity. For Champions to sell Skoogle to staff, Mike must act as an e-Cupid and help these staff fall in love with Moodle. Our Champions must feel fully supported during this ‘experimental’ stage and we must instil sufficient confidence to enable them to share these experiences with colleagues. Still, I question if staff have sufficient time to work with Skoogle and fall in love with Moodle?

(We are busy writing up the L4L project, worts and all, and we will post soon.)

Moodle activities I have attempted so far, Quizzes, all question types including the much challenging CLOZE questions. Student led glossaries, forums, wiki and I aim to nail a workshop before the end of the year! 

Most recent changes – over half term we are moving to a new theme, Aadvark, it is simple and it works with Lightbox gallery. I hope that Lightbox will encourage the Art department to upload images for sharing and display. Second, we have added the ‘Sharing Cart,’ module. A simple module that permits the use and reuse of individual resources held in a convenient cart block. So far, I have found it very handy.

Today we spoke with ULCC, its was a real pleasure to talk to their staff and muse their Moodle development and we hope to support thier Moodle Wonderland event on December 17th. Keep your Moodle ears to the ground.


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