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Post lockdown, ‘new’ normal, giant’s contribution

I have previously commented that both giants’ (Google and Microsoft) make a substantial contribution to education and that I foresee little will change in education for most leaders and less so for most teachers, though there is serious potential to do so. Post lockdown there will be encouragement, expectation even, for greater use of blended…
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27 May ’20 0

Quick Key – Assessment in September

With our Key Stage 3 Assessment Outcomes reverse engineered from Key Stage 4 Assess Outcomes we have gone onto designing our long-term plans or progression grids for “Assessment Without Levels.” A number of our Curriculum and Subject Leaders are now focusing their efforts on outlining their assessment protocol. Now, the early and innovative work of a handful of teachers within the…
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11 May ’15 0


Let’s keep this simple and to the point. Steve Hargadon dropped me an email asking if I would join him over at Mightybell. A platform his calls “curation and conversation.” And to be fair, it is a good strapline. Mightybell offers a space to to gather web, video, photo, file, or other resources and have both…
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22 Jun ’12 0

Curriculum Efficiencies

Step 1 Take a teacher with a passion for ICT add it to a teacher with a passion for English. Leave them to discuss the curriculum for 30 minutes to identify common areas and then ask them to be ‘creative.’ Explore an intersection, an overlap, a commonality. Who knows, you might find you teach the…
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3 Dec ’10 0

10 Teaching Days

At present we have 3 projects launched, but in their infancy, 2 projects were are working on and 2 in the planning stage. Keeping these 7 projects up to date and on schedule or in development is a real challenge. We have been communicating and directing these projects through traditional meetings and conversation but keeping each…
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4 Dec ’09 0

Practicing What We Teach

The NEW curriculum states ‘explore the ways that ICT can be used to communicate, collaborate and share ideas on a global scale, allowing people to work together in new ways and changing the way in which knowledge is created.’ I am lucky to be able to work with an experienced ICT colleague and we have…
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20 Apr ’08 0