How to Assess Progress
How to Assess Progress

How to Assess Progress

So a summary of the week is required, but how do you assess progress and in which areas? I have had a large white board put up in my office, on it I record the key jobs for the week and monitor my daily duties in three areas. Teaching, Administration and Network. I am not sure if these are the most appropriate titles but its a start.


Classes more stable, still issue of discipline arising. Relationships are building with the students. More are accessing the ICT support. Both on the stated days but also adhoc. Year 7 and 8 – we need to develop one or two strategies to support students that find it difficult to use technology, however this appears more to do with their literacy skills than their technology skills? Video tutorials? Definitely a job for JING. Central grading document still required. Alex Savage’s resources a significant help.

Years 9, 10 and 11 require small structured time frames in completing OCR Assessment Outcomes. Frequent submissions and regular feedback. Feedback sheet / AFL learning still required. As such, the majority of students are not informed about their course, its structure or their own attainments – grade track being constructed. Recommend an introduction to the course in Year 9 – an introductory unit that is in fact AO1 from Unit 1.

Also offer a Level 1 course. Hence reducing the differentiation in the groups. Feedback would suggest up to 15-20% of the class.


  • Classroom security improved, but still not secure, waiting on additional keys.
  • Mirrors have improved conduct. Next task heating.
  • Staff meeting set for Jan 31st – agenda items moderation, verification and house style.
  • Used Outlook to invite team.
  • Investigate Level 1 course – can this be ready for meeting?
  • Met with Web desginer – Old site shut down.
  • Email audit – low response.
  • Electronic postcards investigate.
  • Screen saver operational.


Year 7 need a structures ‘User Area ’ on entry. Student agreements are being written.

Classrooms require a visual display highlighting how this agreement also impacts on classroom conduct. ICT Charter?

TV recording investigated. IT Manager preparing bid for Head.

Final Point

A member of the PE staff gave a stellar performance during the Year 11 assembly. Having confessed to be partial to dog food, he requested a student help him in opening a fresh tin of dog food. For all to see, he devoured a few chunky morsels much to the students audible distress.

‘First impressions count,’ he told them sternly. Pausing for effect, he went on to explain. ‘Last night I painful removed the label from this can replacing it with the one you see now. It is in fact, steak and kidney stew but Remember…. first impressions count. You are about to embark on a series of interviews, for college, work or apprenticeships and how you present yourself counts.

I was proud of this masterful performance.

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