First Full Week
First Full Week

First Full Week

The first full week, can is see light at the end of the tunnel? Where did I get it right and where should I have tried something different. Can I digestion all of the information I am gathering and use it to good effect?

Monday, I can hardly remember the beginning of the week but I do remember my first positive response from the students. A Year 10 class that enjoyed their lesson and worked through the bell. Still ‘training’ students the majority of students on how to prepare for class! Still no staff laptop. Some classroom access issues resolved but not all, classrooms still left unlocked. Teacher duties before and after school, a good opportunity to meet students. Classroom blind spots very difficult to manage, mirrors ordered, additional keys ordered.

Tuesday, discipline still the teaching focus. Introduced a basic wiki so that students can access ICT course outside the class. Some connections made outside ICT, Mr Jenks – English, Mr Gittens – PE. Coach with Mr Morris after school with Year 7s, very positive. Monday and Tuesday after school are now designated support sessions for students. Restricted email a significant improvement. Is paint a necessary program?

The teaching issues remain consistent. Mrs Russell has been ‘under the weather’ but continues to be ever present in class, I am very impressed by her committment to her students. Course structure outlined on both student and staff areas. More collaboration needed. Departmental grade records need to be developed for both KS3 and BTEC OCR.

Students need a reason to be engaged in ICT. A more personalised approach to ICT is required eg Unit 3.

Motivation – Contacted football club for students visit. This course (OCR) must be made more vocational.

Postcards – Although I will create a variety of cards on Sunday afternoon, but also get some Year 10 / 11 students to design a range.

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