Looking up a Mountain


Looking up a Mountain

26 Jan ’08 Middle Management Reflections 0

Now in my third week, I have noticed that my mistakes or poor judgments appear more prominent in my reflections than the successes. Is this an issue of my personality or is it typical for middle leaders? Two major points, one a memo that I failed to followup for a SLT meeting and the second was consulting with a colleague before introducing a former pupil in a shared class that she was leading. The latter has really dented that relationship and I will not be able to fully recover that position. The successes, two classes in particular now reflect lessons I would expect to see in a successful ICT dept. Both the OCR Yr 9 and 10 groups responded to the front sheets. Unsurprisingly they were very keen to get their feedback, just how keen still surprised me…. this will become a key motivator in future. Year 7 students enjoyed their lesson on the water of life, thank you Alex Savage. I connected with two students, at opposite ends of the talent spectrum, one through VARK and one through mere conversation. Time framed lesson objectives very important, using the online-stopwatch to motivate students. I was introduced to two important guys, WALT (what are we learning today) and WILF (what am I looking for). Invited onto the Barcalona trip. The football numbers are growing FAST. I connected with Dan Leighton from Cottenham College and listened to a keynote from Martin Peterson. The website designer had made good progress, with clear direction, we were both pleased with her work. Old portal shut down. Meetings with both Tim Dalton and Amy from Wildern secured. Showed a member of the office staff how to create distribution lists. Points for consideration; Staff time keeping still gnawing me. Ensure the first ICT meeting is focused and slick, ask for advice? How to sell (and perhaps determin) the structure. Year 9 parents evening. Keys to Alan. More learning on VLEs and Photoshop needed. Timings for OCR in Yr 9, 10, 11 and how a Level 1 course might work. Musings ideas need wings to get them off the ground, but also landing gear to secure them. Summer meal for staff? How to best combine the trip with ICT?


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