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High Performing Teams

Along side my personal interest in coaching and organisational design, I have encountered ‘team coaching.’ Given schools are essentially a team of teams (often hierarchical in structure), school leaders may be wise to know more about how they are created, directed and coached. Not only the teams themselves but the spaces between the teams. Many…
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14 Apr ’19 0

Teams – Project Aristotle

Leadership literature is littered with models, lists and quick fixes. I understand that we, the consumers/leaders, seek assurances to guide our own practice however distilling leadership in this manner seem wholly inadequate to me. That said, this morning, I followed a signpost to Project Aristotle, Google’s investigation to codify organisational team effectiveness.  Specifically, Google wanted to…
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29 Jul ’17 0


I know that I am a little left field in my outlook on teaching and on leadership. I make no bones about it and I am comfortable in my own leadership skin. One core value is that if I wish to improve my students, I must first improve myself. Some might see the fifty minute commute…
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22 Jan ’13 0

Leading high-performing teams

The much discussed topic of leadership style. We have travelled through Beckhard, Tuckman and LaFasto, and where would a leadership theory training day be without a good dose of Goleman and a practical leadership task (in this case build a tower out of a Metro newspaper and masking tape to hold a chocolate bar). Although Beckhard’s hierarchial model…
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31 May ’12 0

Hard Lessons

On Friday I learnt two very hard leadership lessons, at the same time, in the space of a 10 minute conversation and one note to self-management moment. One I have tried to address as honestly as I can at this point, the second is just a feature of leadership I will just have to deal…
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16 Oct ’10 0