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CRM – snowballing

kristianstill.co.uk has had to take a back seat lately with the lions share of my spare time invested in www.remembermore.app (RM) and it’s fast and flexible co-pilot https://classroom.remembermore.app/ (CRM). Unsurprisingly this post is connected and charts five days exploring the faster retrieval routines. Monday: From introducing RememberMore, to the “Fast Approach” we moved to “Fast…
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9 Oct ’20 0

Retrieval practice elaboration

As you can expect, almost all my “spare time” is taken up with RememberMore so finding time to write has almost evaporated. But yesterday, something pretty neat occured in my Year 7 ‘A Story Like the Wind’ class that encouraged me to get back at the keyboard. Three weeks into the “new normal” term and…
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22 Sep ’20 0