I first uncovered Triptico when I was looking for ‘fridge magnet’ type activities for teaching poetry last year to my Year 10s. More recently, I found my way back to David Riley’s (@David_Triptico) Triptico website via a tweet, to find a whole raft of interactive resources – easily edited, adapted and saved for later use. ‘The Triptico Desktop Resource’ runs on Adobe Air, so it’s compatible with both Macs and PCs, and run somewhat like an app would on your mobile phone.

Once you have installed and launched the application you can explore the different activities via the scroll bar at the bottom of the window. You now have quizzing tools, scoreboards, timers, voting tools, grouping, ordering and matching tools, randominsers, all at your finger tips.

TripticoDRToday I used the magnets to introduce the lesson objective and the ordering tool to order the students reading contributions to our class reading of ‘Holes.’ With forwards and back arrows, we were able to clearly see who would be reading next.

I really like the ‘Find 10’ and ‘Question Quiz’ tools  but still, my personal favourite is the very versatile fridge magnet tool. With 42 different backgrounds to work on, size and colour, there really is so much potential here. In fact, a number of these tools will really breathe some interactivity into some of the  ‘51 Ways to Introducing Lesson Objectives,

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PDF to Text

Here is a fairly common question with a simple answer. Google Docs will now extract text from images free. This new feature has only recently gone live but may have arrived just in time to help staff ploughing through and restructuring new specifications. Or perhaps stripping out content, exam questions or restructuring exemplar materials from….. well, from anywhere. I will give you a quick example, a colleague recently wanted to use a registration form, similar to an example he had collected on his school visits. With a little technician help, he didnt have to start from scratch, but perhaps this may have been a better starting place. When uploading files to your account, tick the ption to run an OCR scan, Google does the rest. Extracting characters and placing them within a new text document. Incidentally, I am happy for colleagues to use almost everything I create, but check and at the very least acknowledge the original document or IP.