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Pepper and salt questions

Thinking is not driven by answers but by questions. Had no questions been asked by those who laid the foundation for a field…the field would never have developed in the first place. Paul and Elder (2000) Is there a more important topic in teaching than what and how to question? [Imagine a long, thoughtful pause.]…
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13 Nov ’21 0
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Dan Willingham Salt and Pepper questions

My continued exploration of Metacognition led to “In conversation with Professor Paul Kirchner” and then Dan Willingham’s “How to help students ‘know’ they know.” The two crossovers to RememberMore – Overlearning – check. Then question formats, learning A to B and back again with B to A. Overlearning The more I teacher with RememberMore, the…
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23 May ’21 1

Deeper, cleaner, leader

For 18 months, communication (both sending and received messages) has been an area for professional development and investigation. In my mind, communication has now been separated into two actionable sending components; planned communication and conversations on-the-go and one receptive component, listening. Over the past eight months, communication has overlapped with growing interest in Coaching. It…
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26 Feb ’19 0

Hugely disappointed

Teachers are not very good at writing effective and usable assessment questions. says @ProfCoe #rEdDurham Studies typically find that unstructured judgements of the expected proportion who will get a question right typically correlate about 0.2-0.3 with the actual proportions (Bramley & Wilson, 2016; Attali et al, 2014). That means if you estimate the proportion as 0.5,…
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24 Nov ’18 0

Questions or statements

You can be wrong answering a question. You can not be wrong answering a statement. As I was preparing my AOB at the SLT meeting I called up a sticky note. On one of the “used” notes was the above note. I am not 100% sure where it originated from, very likely from a recent Dylan Wiliam webinar.…
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14 Dec ’15 0

Questioning my leadership

Good questions inform. Great questions transform. I have been reflecting on the use of questions in my leadership, more specifically my relationships with middle leaders. Questions are critical when developing and deepening a coaching conversation with colleagues. I am mindful that with experience, it can be all to easy / intoxicating to share the benefits of that experience with your colleagues.…
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9 Sep ’15 0