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38% difference

There are a whole lot of things in this world of ours you haven’t started wondering about yet. Old-Green-Grasshopper Time to read, write, reflect and connect-the-dots this past month has deepen my conviction that teaching and the leading the development of teachers is a messy business. Teacher development is informed, artful and responsive more than it…
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5 Jan ’19 0

Back at the Education Festival

Yesterday was a special day. Two of the middle leaders I have been working with presented at The Festival of Education (Education Festival) as part of the panel session with Teaching Leaders – “Retaining your high-potentials.” That was just the start of the day. I attended with a new colleague, with the remit to listen and to gather the sharpest…
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24 Jun ’16 0

Professional Development – SEN

Today I received a surprise reminder via Outlook. It was a reminder asking me to reflect on the SEN INSET day. A few seconds past and then an “oh, I remember,” acknowledgement followed. I set a reminder to see how effective the training had been and how well I had incorporated and embedded my notes into my practice. I can…
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27 Mar ’15 0