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Graded lesson observation – life sentence

We are right back at the a-h guilty list of graded lesson observation and Performance Review questions. Well almost. We pick up at c).  c) what might replace graded lesson observations and d) whether or not lesson observations should be a part of Performance Review (“graded” obviously removed), and e) whether or not lesson observations (graded or otherwise) should be a part of the…
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25 Jan ’15 0

Graded lesson observation – guilty as charged

With graded lesson observations in the dock, accused of being wholly ‘unreliable,’ the jury’s verdict a for gone conclusion, were left waiting for the judge’s sentence. Meanwhile, I was a) reflecting on my professional experience of graded lesson observations, b) wondering when grading became part of the process, c) what might replace graded lesson observations…
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17 Jan ’15 1

Performance Review

I have now been at Hamble College for nearly 12 months and its my performance review this week. How do these meetings mould our progress as middle leaders. What can I glean from this experience to make me a better middle leader? Foremost in my thinking is the accountability that is acheived and agreed. Second,…
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7 Dec ’08 0