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Trefoil 10.01.20

The first trefoil of 2020 and my thoughts are anything but 20:20. Early starts to “run and listen” made an welcome return but they are a shock to the system. In addition, I am waist deep in a discussion centred on diversity and #allyship in education with Patrick Ottley-O’Connor @ottleyoconnor. Focusing on the labels we…
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7 Jan ’20 0

Trefoil 8.12.19

Tuesday’s morning run was with Jeremy Hannay (Weareinbeta). We had caught up on Twitter regarding our frustrations with regard to corrosive influence Performance Management within education. The interview gives an insight into his leadership approach, system comparison (including Ofsted), teacher development at Three Bridges Primary as well as our shared interest in the impact of…
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8 Dec ’19 0

Trefoil 1.12.19

It is Wednesday and I already have three entries for this weeks Trefoil (there may well be more, but I sticking to three). Two connected with A Christmas Carol and one from a morning podcast. Today ‘we’ watched the Dickens Theatre Company’s unique adaptation of A Christmas Carol and ‘we’ thoroughly enjoyed it. Two actors…
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30 Nov ’19 0