Trefoil 10.01.20


Trefoil 10.01.20

7 Jan ’20 Leadership 0

The first trefoil of 2020 and my thoughts are anything but 20:20. Early starts to “run and listen” made an welcome return but they are a shock to the system.

In addition, I am waist deep in a discussion centred on diversity and #allyship in education with Patrick Ottley-O’Connor @ottleyoconnor. Focusing on the labels we use around these two important issues – prompted by an excellent We Are in Beta podcast episode.

First – We Are In Beta episode

As I said, my thinking is not yet 20:20 on #allyship but I have committed to writing up my thinking on the labels we use around diversity and #alleyship – intended and unintended.

It is Tuesday evening. The new regime means two podcasts in the can and I want to make a few notes before I hit the hay.

Second – 122 more podcasts

And on the point of podcasts, this from Kathryn Morgan. To which I recommended ‎Curious Minds: Innovation in Life and Work from @CuriousGayle.

Finally, the four stages for improving a school – Sir David Carter

Rather than refer to schools improvement status or rating using Inspection labels (we are back on labels again) Tom Rees @TomRees77 highlighted David Carter’s use of ‘Stabilise, Report, Improve and Sustain.’ A little research and

Phase 1 – Stabilise • Calm and reassuring leadership • Ability to focus on urgent priorities • Give team members the right jobs • Highly visible

Phase 2 – Repair • Lock down the early improvements • Build a medium term plan • Still visible but more QA

Phase 3 – Improve • Monitoring and tracking is the key • Management shifting to leadership • Benefiting from collaboration

Phase 4 – Sustain • Securing excellence • Looking to lead collaboration • 3-5 year planning

Professional learning on the run… and keeping the waist-line at bay.

Day-to-day – it has been great to the start the term afresh (after starting in week 4). Knowing the class dynamics and knowing students. Next, having shelves cleared and my ‘travelling’ book and reading texts boxes prepped and accessible – so much better. Pre-learning and having pre-read the texts means I already know what the big picture looks like. The terms learning outline ready, inserts printed (in fact they are already in the students books) and resources prepared, even the first mini assessment is ready.

This hindsight become insight when I see it as a timely reminder of what it may be like for new teachers and to a less extent experienced staff.

As for the apples – I ran out of things about three and wanted to show diversity.


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