NCSL Leading through influence

Decision making is a process, not an event. Joan Sjøvoll The unit had a heavy slant towards communication but also worked around the concept of organisational culture, what the unit referred to as the psychological contract. There were practical examples of how to call, prepare and organise a meetings and some very useful audio task…
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13 Apr ’12 0

Leadership Pathways Core Day 2

Core Day 2. Commitments has meant a request to change groups and venue, but needs must. A very warm, very pleasant welcome from Jane and Lisa, much like the setting here at The Beach Hotel, Portsmouth. Aims, agenda and housekeeping for the day covered, its onwards and upwards. Progress since Core Day 1 What have…
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7 Mar ’12 0

Day #3 LftM

Leading from the Middle Day 3 Each day has started with a review of the impact of Day 2 Learning and the period in between the day 2 and 3. Carole recorded the ‘Key Learning and Changed Behaviours,’ and the impact of the Team Health Check. The focus then changed to evaluate the Leadership Focus.…
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23 May ’10 0

NCSL – Ten Years Younger

Its been too long since I spent time on a Middle Leadership CPD learning task. Accepted, I read technology and education blogs most days, I try and write to my blog most weeks and I have taught myself how to use a few new software tools. I continue to contribute to my Personal Learning Network…
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14 Dec ’08 0