Alan Wake – bringing it together (part 5)

It has been a busy few weeks and the project development has slowed down a little. On the plus side, Kelvin has managed to make real headway with the 4 station Xbox cabinet with the help of some sixth formers……..


Alan Wake hardware choices (part 4)

Gaming in school – for literacy? Gaming for literacy is not any easy sell to other staff, before you have had a proven track record of success with students, but as they say ‘Man cannot discover new oceans unless he…..


Alan Wake (part 3)

The script for Alan Wake is amazing.  It is even more impressive when the sound effects and background audio adds depth to the experience. Playing on the Xbox just amplified the experience. What is more, I have learnt a little…..


Wake-ing a thirst for literacy (part 2)

Having only assumed the role of English teacher fairly recently, I typically have to read for the very first time, the text I am about to teach, for the very first time, a few weeks before the term starts. Being…..