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Alan Wake (part 3)

The script for Alan Wake is amazing.  It is even more impressive when the sound effects and background audio adds depth to the experience. Playing on the Xbox just amplified the experience. What is more, I have learnt a little about “script writing” code (no computing code) and the need for space on a script…
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17 Jun ’13 0

Wake-ing a thirst for literacy (part 2)

Having only assumed the role of English teacher fairly recently, I typically have to read for the very first time, the text I am about to teach, for the very first time, a few weeks before the term starts. Being on the school leadership team comes with many privileges however you are expected to ‘fill-in’…
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11 Jun ’13 0

Wake-ing a thirst for literacy (part 1)

I had been on the look out for a cinematic, highly narrative video-game title to re-purpose as a writing stimulus for some time now following on from the success of using US hit series Flash Forward as a writing stimulus for lower ability sets. I say ‘lower ability groups,’ when what I mean is, lower…
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9 Jun ’13 0

Drop everything and read

This is the first time I have EVER been in a library. Is there any single more important duty of an English Department, of a school even, than introducing our students to the wonders of reading? I would like to think that almost any Head of Department worth their salt could put up a good fight defending…
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23 Apr ’13 0

7en live poetry

Our final lesson of the unit, time to give the students a little freedom.

21 Mar ’13 0

Live poetry production

After recapping our OARSIM acronym, the class are exploring and writing poetry with Concrete Poetry lets you choose or draw a picture on the screen, then drag and drop the words to fill in it that the tool gives you. MagneticPoetry is a kit that gives you a white canvas to drag and drop the…
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21 Mar ’13 0