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DIY scratch cards

Such a simple and fun idea from @missbligh_y3 it was worthy capturing and sharing. DIY scratch cards made with a template, laminated, with a scratch-patch sticker from Amazon.  Rewards including achievement points, sitting with friends, golden time, cushion for the day. Fairly basic but they love it. I am sure they do! In the spirit…
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25 Apr ’20 0

A pound of performance

In for a penny, in for a pound, here is an opportunity for learners to think, innovative, be creative, collaborate, or not, present and exhibit, and tell a story. Let me present the concept and let’s see where we can take it. With no small attribution to Sir Ken Robinson’s 2006 Ted Talk – Schools…
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31 Mar ’19 0

Great quotes about Learning and Change Pool

Great quotes about Learning and Change Pool is a great resources for any teacher, educator, parent, but particularly those that like quotes that challenge and inspire (or indeed both). I subscribe to the Flickr feed, so updates / posters get delivered to my reader without any effort what’s so ever. Free inspiration almost daily. These…
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29 Oct ’10 0


Its this simple. Be creative. Dive in and experiment. Once you have played, yhen learn ‘how’ by using flame. If I leave you with minimal information will you investigate? When you have created your work, email me and I post you efforts here. One of my gallery favourites, Fleur by S Pesavento; Posted with respect.

7 Mar ’10 0