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Vocabulary: Looking for giants (part 2)

Looking for giants is part 2 in an edventure investigating one aspect of literacy (speaking, listening, reading and writing) – vocabulary. The exposure to, the acquisition and retention of, and teaching of vocabulary (I am still thinking that teaching is as much instruction as it is teaching). You can read part 1, Only 1:3 children…
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27 Jun ’21 5

Vocabulary: Only 1:3 children read daily (part 1)

It was, then headteacher, Geoff Barton’s presentation back in 2014 “The Habits of Literacy” that first exposed the stark inequalities of poor literacy to me. It was followed up by his book – Don’t Call Literacy!: What every teacher needs to know about speaking, listening, reading and writing. The anchor of that memory: While good…
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27 Jun ’21 4

Elaborative questioning and CRM (Part 5)

In Part 4 of this post, together with Ben Windsor @MrClassics3 we discussed the importance of the corrective feedback stage of using RememberMore’s Classroom (CRM) function in practicality. Read it here. The feedback stage of the RememberMore protocol closes the loop and allows a new one to be opened. As with the routines at the beginning…
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21 Jun ’21 0

Memorisation too good to forget?

Wrestling with my own thoughts, as an advocate for Successive Relearning, I’ll defend rote learning more broadly another day. What I want to clarify, for myself, for future conversations, is why I am an advocate of memorisation. I very much doubt it will be what you think. I’ve long been a strong proponent of memorisation,…
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13 Jun ’21 0

Hidden Lives of Learners (III)

I can not remember when I first encountered Graham Nuthall’s research or exactly when I first read The Hidden Lives of Learners but it is one of those titles that often re-surfaces in talks and blog posts, still, having been first published in 2007. I re-read for the second time, after it appeared on Chris…
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6 Jun ’21 0
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Dan Willingham Salt and Pepper questions

My continued exploration of Metacognition led to “In conversation with Professor Paul Kirchner” and then Dan Willingham’s “How to help students ‘know’ they know.” The two crossovers to RememberMore – Overlearning – check. Then question formats, learning A to B and back again with B to A. Overlearning The more I teacher with RememberMore, the…
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