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Quest 5 Day 2

Day 2 started with custom commands and made use of the attributes the tutorials had me create yesterday. Again the tutorials were pretty straightforward although again, there is a need to underline the importance of syntax. Using the attributes and commands, I was able to set responses to a group of attributed objects and equally…
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29 Jul ’11 0


One education input leads to the next, from RSS article, to Slideshare presentation, to practitioner blog. The technology barrier excuse definitely exists in education but after a long day teaching myself how to write interaction fiction with Quest 5 I am not in the mood for excuses.  Clearly, neither is Chris Betcher, No child should…
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28 Jul ’11 0

Am I Too Sensitive?

Ewan McIntosh posted his reflections on a Rupert Murdoch speech given to delivered to senior government officials from around the world this May. An aggressive ‘pitch’ in which Murdoch states that….. Everywhere we turn, digital advances are making workers more productive – creating jobs that did not exist only a few years ago, and liberating…
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20 Jun ’11 0

It’s not Teacher, but Method that Matters

In the spring 2010 experiment, Carl Wieman and his colleagues followed two nearly identical physics classes. 250 students were taught the usual way, three hours a week for 11 weeks and then, at the 12th week the experiment began. One class stuck with the traditional, well-regarded professor in lecture mode where are the second class…
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24 May ’11 0

Hold the Press

I was just about to bring my SLS project search to an end for today when I found Karaokeparty. Its an online, scoring, battleing, recording Karaoke platform. The basic account is FREE and powered by ads but there is also a subscription service. What do you want to sing? Also means, what do lyrics do…
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18 Apr ’11 0

The Biggest Mistake…

We fear mistakes and failure more than just about anything. We fear mistakes to the point where we don’t even begin to make the changes we know we need to make, or give up when we meet resistance long before the goal has been achieved. And yet, if you’ll allow me to stretch a quote…
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1 Apr ’11 0