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ipadio: Hexagonal Learning

I am not going to write a SOLO taxonomy thinking post, I do not know it well enough, I haven’t I explored it far enough nor taught with it in mind. But I will. However the hexagonal tessalating idea, now I am up for that. I may even combine it to shoeless teaching. There’s lots…
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31 Jan ’12 3

Are Lesson Plans Flawed?

I have been reflecting  a lot this week on lesson planning and design as I am teaching a new subject for the second year in succession. The time required to create NEW resources, and learn NEW knowledge can be exhaustive (although I am somewhat reassured that having “advanced content knowledge” is worth only 4weeks learning,…
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11 Sep ’11 1


ClassDojo works by setting up real-time feedback loops in the classroom, to recognise and reinforce desirable behaviours and values. Real-time visual notifications appear via the tool which can also be updated from a smartphone running the same page. Mobile of sorts… ClassDojo automatically generates analytics, shareable character report cards. What I really liked was the…
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2 Sep ’11 2

Very Important Letter

Talking of behaviour management strategies. We tried the Very Important Letter a few times in ICT and I hope to re-introduce it next year. Simply, prepare some postcards with the following message. ‘Please thank this student sincerely for delivering this postcard. Emphasise how important it was that you received this message and then send them back…
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18 Jul ’10 1

Magic Pocket Name

Over at ‘The Teaching Palette.’ I read an appealing article titled Magic Pocket Name. Its a simple behaviour management strategy, one worth sharing with you. You can of course read the full article but here is my abbreviated version. Idenitify a behaviour your wish to encourage. Identifify a student to observe, writing their name on…
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12 Jul ’10 1

Whilst Watching Transsiberian

With lies you may get ahead in the world – but you can never go back.  Russian proverb Borrowed from Transsiberian, a decent film, in which Ben Kingsley’s Russian Detective delivers the Russian proverb.

17 May ’09 0