Magic Pocket Name


Magic Pocket Name

12 Jul ’10 Behaviour 1

Over at ‘The Teaching Palette.’ I read an appealing article titled Magic Pocket Name. Its a simple behaviour management strategy, one worth sharing with you. You can of course read the full article but here is my abbreviated version.

  1. Idenitify a behaviour your wish to encourage.
  2. Identifify a student to observe, writing their name on a piece of paper, stored in your ‘magic pocket.’
  3. Late or at the end of the class identify the students only if they ACHIEVED the deserved outcome. If the students was unsuccessful, simple annouce that there was ‘no winner in this class.’
  4. ‘Winners’ are transferred to a winners board or are entered to the prize draw.

In principal its a technique I like the sound of. I only teach one lower school class, but I think I will give it a go next week. With 3 weeks remaining, I think I will offer an in class, immediate reward, rather than building up to a class draw that requires at least the same number of lessons as magic names. I would be lovely to share your ideas if you have any.


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