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Planning with Middle Leaders in Mind

Given a fairly positive first core day, I was giving ‘planning’ more consideration that I usually would on a Monday afternoon. Specifically, when and how you learn to plan effectively. So, given the NCSL materials and the commentary from Maggie Swinnerton, this is a document I hope to share and get feedback on, from the…
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29 Nov ’11 0

Leadership Pathways Core Day 1

The day started early. iO have kindly decided to support Interactive Fiction platform Quest and together with Andy Goff and Alex Warren we are hurriedly drafting an introduction competition for teachers and educator with some fantastic prizes. More of that later…. A short drive to the De Vere Grand Harbour for Core Day 1 ‘Taking First Steps’ of the Leadership Pathways programme.…
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28 Nov ’11 0

Revisiting the Coaching Process

After a very pleasant lunch we reviewed the coaching process. Coaching – Helping someone to find ‘answers’ for themselves. Alternatively, a more refined definition is provided by the NCSL. Certainly, it’s never a bad thing to review this highly valuable strategy. Coaching is about unlocking potential in order to maximise performance – it’s about bringing…
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28 Nov ’11 0

Spotlight Review

10 months in the journey and our Principal has decided to take the ‘temperature’ at our school using a Leadership and Learning Spotlight Review (LLSR). A self-evaluation process led by external colleagues emphasising a non-judgemental, collaborative process for school improvement. In our case, our principal and the lead reviewer decided upon a series of activities…
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12 Nov ’11 0

Good and Great Leadership

A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

6 Nov ’11 0

Heaven or Hell

It’s not that often these days that I get to add to my  Challenge and Inspire, Creative Writings page, So that when I do I think it’s perhaps appropriate to share as a blog post as well. I really like these short fables and quotes generally, but I have to admit they often crop up…
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5 Nov ’11 0