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Making Sense of the Data

You’ve been pushed in at the deep end and asked to lead data. It is time to sharpen your data axe. You are preparing for leadership interviews and expect another data task – what does this data show you? You sit opposite a colleague who is bilingual, speaking both education and data. You are just…
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31 Aug ’13 0

Data data everywhere

‘Making BIG data, manageable and visually appealing is the current hot topic. In the past week, whilst preparing my ‘Making data meaningful’ guide, I have had the time to get stuck into three BIG data, education data, visualisations or guides. School Data Dashboard The School Data Dashboard provides a high level summary of each school’s…
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14 Aug ’13 0

Transient students

At The Wellington Academy we have a high proportion of students with a forces background and such, we are well aware of the impact of students moving between schools, in most cases due to parents military postings. The Academy are able to support these students and their parents with the option of boarding, however there…
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26 Jul ’13 0

All is not equal at level 4

With internal applicants apply for an Assistant Principal roles to lead inclusion, questions on attainment and progress were abundant. Question before interview, at interview and after. Knowing the students, data, very quickly rose in statue. What are the BN codes on the sheet? Key Stage 2 codes – If the pupil was working below the…
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18 Jul ’13 0

Boys achievement

Sticking on the ‘narrowing the gap’ agenda I created a poster for the staffroom and staff work areas. Again, help yourself. The resoultion is should be sufficient for an A4 poster. The quote is adapted from the most recent DFE Statistical First Release ‘GCSE and equivalent attainment by pupil characteristics in England 2011-12.’    …
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29 Mar ’13 0

Dashboard for governors

Tomorrow the new, two-page data dashboard for governors will be announced by SMW. More data unleashed into wild, well primarily to governors (though I provided the same data just this past week, and by series or data collection to show in year progress). Yet the criticism has been the data has been data is inaccessible…
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26 Feb ’13 0