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Charts, sample size and labels

You know it’s been an exciting day when you get a post title like the one above and yet, I hope I might be able save my data colleagues some valuable time. Having written (and re-written and updated) my first governors report, I learnt the importance of labels, especially when converting data tables to charts and…
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20 Oct ’12 2

FTT and the Creatives

Having only lead the use of data for learning a short period of time, I have already read, heard and felt a degree of distrust in the use of FFT for art and design and other creative subjects. At the heart of the confusion is the incorrect assertion that FFT (or RAISEonline for that matter)…
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14 Oct ’12 1

Target Grade Matrix

Having spent some time understanding and sharing the impact of KS2 APS it was very reassuring to watch our Director of Progress introduce an academic mentoring programme that introduced an assessment flightplan based on student prior attainment and expected attainment. Given our conversation on the topic of ‘estimates’ I really liked his use of the…
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13 Oct ’12 2

Confidence Intervals and Raiseonline

It has been a long time since I had to actually calculate a confidence interval, my research statistics class at SIUE to be precise. It’s hard to forget such riveting lectures such ‘Surely God loves .06 as much as he loves .05?’ I know, exciting heh. Now it’s time to work with them again in…
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10 Oct ’12 0

Learning as I go

Unvalidated, validated and final data – another lesson learnt. August the results are in. Sept is a period of investigations and re-mark requests. October each school has the opportunity to check its data (ASCL Leadership of Data strongly recommended we do that). The data is then said to be validated.  Final, well, final is final. Therefore;…
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30 Sep ’12 0

Transition matrices

Having struggled with transition matrices over the summer holidays I attended the ASCL Leadership of Data Conference. Again, TMs were commonly referenced, if not universally understood. TMs were this weekends learning project. So, what are TMs? A transition matrix is a grid that displays how many pupils in a particular subject that began with a certain KS2…
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30 Sep ’12 1