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Coach – non-judgemental (and non-directive)

After spending some time considering intention and attention, I encountered a new dilemma during a recent coaching session. I anticipate that, in building up my coaching experience, I will encounter numerous new dilemmas, that is experience. Making meaning of the experience is my learning as a coach. In this instance, considering the position of being…
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15 Mar ’19 0

Deeper, cleaner, leader, learner, coach

First I wrote about my introduction to Clean Language, – Deeper, cleaner, leader and then some early reflections of employing Clean Language as a novice coach Deeper, cleaner, leader, coach. Now I am back to thinking, as a pastoral leader and learner, hence deeper, cleaner, leader, learner, coach. Clean for education Clean Language and Clean…
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12 Mar ’19 0

Intention and Attention

Coaching and mentoring accreditation explores the interaction, differences and similarities of the two conversations. Reviewing the relationship with an educational lens, I came to the unstable conclusion that rather than focus on what made coaching different to mentoring, that it may in fact be more useful to focus on how they were in fact similar.…
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11 Mar ’19 0

Deeper, cleaner, leader, coach

I only have a little more experience than when I wrote my first post about Clean Language, – Deeper, cleaner, leader. Since then, I have been able to employ my fledgedly questions and listening skills. Question 1: And what kind of X (is that X)? “And what kind of X (is that X)” has lived…
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9 Mar ’19 0

The Coaching ‘Process’

After spending most of my leadership career trying to outline the differences between coaching and mentoring (in education), I am now resolved to present them as having more in common than different. Coaching and mentoring are activities within the area of professional and personal development… thus, a professional coach/mentor can be described as an expert…
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5 Mar ’19 0

Deeper, cleaner, leader

For 18 months, communication (both sending and received messages) has been an area for professional development and investigation. In my mind, communication has now been separated into two actionable sending components; planned communication and conversations on-the-go and one receptive component, listening. Over the past eight months, communication has overlapped with growing interest in Coaching. It…
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26 Feb ’19 0