CollectivED – snippets


CollectivED – snippets

19 Mar ’19 Coaching and Mentoring 0

With a hours window in my coaching schedule today, I was re-reading Issue 7 of CollectivED. CollectivED is a network of teachers and other professionals, who share an interest in mentoring and coaching as well as other professional development activities… “with learning conversations at their heart,” based at Carnegie School of Education at Leeds Beckett University.

Issue 7, includes think pieces, research working papers, practice insight working papers, interviews, conference and book reviews, plus two abridged essays and two symposium summaries. Here is what I snipped and followed upon.


Changing our schools from the inside out; Is this what we mean by ‘Collaborative Professionalism?’

If you lead on teaching and learning, keep an eye out for research references towards ‘Collaborative Professionalism,’ and the 10 tenets of
Collaborative Professionalism.

Leadership to support a coaching culture

Step back from directing to coaching, because the former might get the job done, but the latter builds capacity and confidence.

Mike Buchanan, formerly the head of Ashford School and now the Executive Director of HMC

The job has to be done, but the best leaders focus not just on ensuring this is achieved, but that those they lead are developed in the process so that they are able to step up to new challenges in the future.

Jill Berry

The Evolution of Coaching – Six Trends

Consequently, the lines between mentoring, coaching, counselling and facilitation will be blurred, driven by the context of a fastmoving world and increasingly sophisticated clients who know what they want.

Systemic Coaching (which I quickly learnt is team coaching), is increasingly in demand. Systemic coaching looks at the person as part of a wider system. Rather than focussing on the development of the individual (or team) it is about focusing on the whole system and the individual or team’s role with in it. As I don’t know too much about Systemic Coaching or Peter Hawkins work, I’ve bookmarked this podcast interview with Peter Hawkins. Themes covered in the podcast: the continuum of team coaching; the 5 disciplines of successful team practice (commissioning, clarifying, co-creating, connecting, core learning) and team coaching;  the CID-CLEAR team coaching process.

FACTS model (Feedback, Accountability, Courageous Goal Setting, Tenios, System Thinking and Zone of Uncomfortable Debate.) developed by John Blakey and Ian Day was also signposted. According to challenging coaching – FACTS moves beyond the artificial limits of person-centered, non-directive coachings.

We help experienced coaches who are ready to:-

The Teachers’ Standards – a think piece by Matt Burnage offers a thought provoking critique of how education uses and misuses the security of Government policy in Initial Teacher Training and creates “significant tension between autonomy and accountability.” Regrettably, a tension I recognise and have been guilty of employing. Also hinted at by Sam Collins review “Toxic Schools.

Given that Southern Rocks is built on teacher telling their story, I was interested in reading “Three Questions For School Leaders,” Max Bullough, Leah Crawford, Carolyn Hughan three educators to connect with?

It is a hefty release – so more pick and mix than read every contribution. Finally, if these snippets catch your attention, then you might consider the first CollectivED Knowledge Exchange Conference, July 4th Birmingham

Creating powerful professional learning through re-thinking coaching, mentoring and collaborative leadership in education.

A recognised date for empowering independence? No?


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