Assassinate your pupils
Assassinate your pupils

Assassinate your pupils

Imagine a secret game of tag, but instead of tapping someone on the shoulder, you “zap” them by making them hold or interact with a secret “weapon” like a pen, book, or even just a wink! That’s kind of like Assassin. It’s like hide-and-seek, but everyone is both hiding and hunting. You have a secret target to “zap,” and someone is secretly hunting you! The last person “alive” (not “zapped”) wins. How could you not want to try this out? I think I am going to plan for my first effort to be with staff on INSET and then with my fantastic Year 7s.

Assassinated in form time and I’ve been SO vigilant but Scarlett managed to kill me this lunchtime.

Jane Masters @mrsjmasters

So what is Assassination?

Assassin is a social roleplaying game where players attempt to “eliminate” other players by touching them, or making them take hold of, a pretend weapon. Weapons can be real pens, books, cutlery, plates or simply symbolic.

Players are assigned to other players / targets to “hunt,” and assassinate them… to “take them out.”

Since there are no official rules for the game, there are a variety of ways to play. As we are talking playing in schools – I would avoid fake-real weapons eg plastic guns or swords and I have been careful with the rules and language.

Here is Jane Masters explanation:

Let’s say class size of 30. I write down 30 “murder weapons”, 30 locations around school & their 30 names. They draw one of each of of 3 pots. So I drew Marlowe with a pencil case in the foyer. I had to sneakily get him there and invent a reason for him to hold my pencil case If I can trick him into accepting it from me I have “killed” him and he’s out. I then take his “mission” from him and try and kill his target. I managed three kills before Scarlett got me this lunchtime.

Does everyone have a list of all possible murder weapons beforehand?

No. Only the game organiser – which puts the teacher at an advantage.

Scarlett is a PRO at this game – three kills and she’s still alive!

The guide has evolved with a little experience.

Assassination Guide

  • Objective:
    • Players are assigned targets that they aim to “assassinate” to win the game.
    • Eliminate your target while avoiding being eliminated yourself
  • Targets:
    • Targets are randomly assigned by a game organiser.
  • Weapons:
    • Players use imaginary or symbolic weapons to “assassinate” their targets.
    • Weapons are randomly assigned by a game organiser.
    • Some games may involve special rules for certain weapons.
  • Assassination:
    • To eliminate a target, a player must touch or hold their designated “weapon” to the target without being caught OR the target must hold the designated “weapon”.
    • Assassinations must be recorded on the assassination sheet within 24 hours.
    • When a player is assassinated, the player’s target is passed onto the assassinator.
  • Avoiding Detection:
    • Players must be stealthy and creative in approaching their targets to avoid detection.
    • Drawing attention to oneself or gameplay may result in being caught or disqualified.
  • Discretion:
    • Assassination games often involve an element of secrecy. Players should avoid discussing their targets openly.
  • Witnesses:
    • Witnesses may exist within the game and can report rule violations to organisers.
  • Safe Zones:
    • Some areas or locations may be designated as “safe zones” where players cannot be eliminated. Your tutor room is a safe zone.
  • Timeouts:
    • Game organisers may implement timeouts during which players cannot be assassinated.
  • Elimination:
    • A player is eliminated from the game when they are “assassinated” and it is recorded on the scoresheet.
  • Winning:
    • The last remaining player. The player with the most assassinations.
  • Fair Play:
    • Players are expected to play fairly and follow the established rules.
    • Cheating or unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification.
  • Players are assigned targets that they aim to “assassinate” to win the game.
  • Eliminate your target while avoiding being eliminated yourself.
  • Players are assigned targets that they aim to “assassinate” to win the game.
  • Eliminate your target while avoiding being eliminated yourself.


We have hit a few minor bumps in the road.

An assassin claimed a kill but used the wrong weapon? What do you do? We went with reissue a new weapon and location.

Asssassin’s, in their excitement, told their friends, their friends then wanted to help! Stress the need to keep your assignment private. Think Secret Santa.

These rules provide a general framework. Variations exist depending on the specific game. Players should be familiar with and adhere to the rules set by the organiser to ensure a fun and fair gaming experience.

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