Staff Wellbeing Webinar – INSET Day
Staff Wellbeing Webinar – INSET Day

Staff Wellbeing Webinar – INSET Day

INSET today concluded with a recorded Wellbeing Webinar to be watched “in your choice of venue,” from Rhiannon Phillips-Bianco, (Year 6 Class Teacher and Wellbeing and Positive Education Leader – Rome International School, Globeducate).

Teacher Wellbeing Index 2020, 74% of education staff said they experienced behavioural, psychological or physical symptoms due to their work.

Adrian Bethune

Education Support Teacher Wellbeing Index continues to report a deepening trend of teacher wellbeing on declining (I wrote about the Education Support’s report on Teacher Retention here). Specific cohorts are at risk of suicide, school and college leader wellbeing and mental health – “a serious concern.” There is little trust in the inspection system. Organisational culture is a big problem for more than half the workforce. Almost a fifth of education staff feel isolated at work, especially educators from a global majority background. That 2020 figure has risen to 78% (2020), rising to 95% among headteachers.

Rhiannon introduced me to the Mental Health Spectrum, “glimmers*” and various other approaches and strategies.

*Glimmers: Micro moments that bring a feelings of safety and joy to a person.

Glimmers are those tiny, seemingly insignificant moments when you feel a sense of joy, pleasure, peace, and gratitude. The term “glimmers” was coined by Deb Dana, a licensed clinical social worker who specialises in complex trauma.

 Mental Health Awareness continues to gain traction within society. Importantly so.

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