SecEd – this time it’s a series
SecEd – this time it’s a series

SecEd – this time it’s a series

Back in December I wrote a post for Sec Ed stating that an understanding of “retrieval practice alone is not enough.” In that post I argued that we also needed to be aware of spaced learning, interleaving, feedback and metacognition. That led the Editor to pitch the idea of a series covering the various components that may help teachers understand, flex and utilise retrieval practice in theirs classroom. To which I added motivation. That ended up being a nine-part series.

  1. Memory (Published March 30)
  2. Repeated retrieval practice or test-enhanced learning (April 6)
  3. Spaced retrieval practice (April 20)
  4. Interleaving (April 27)
  5. Feedback and elaboration (May 4)
  6. Successive relearning (May 11)
  7. Metacognition (May 18)
  8. Overcoming illusions of knowing or competence (May 25)
  9. Testing, motivation and achievement (June 1)

SecEd Podcast and Series Article #1

This week saw the release of both an introductory podcast and the first in series of nine articles: Let’s make some memories (stick). As in the post, my thanks to Sarah Cottingham @overpractised, Dr Tom Perry TWPerry1, Helen Webb @helenfwebb, and Pete Henshaw and all those teachers who contribute their professional time and insight to RememberMore.

SecEd Podcast: Our new episode asks how teachers can use test-enhanced learning (commonly known as retrieval practice), spaced learning & interleaving techniques to help students better remember/recall what they are taught #metacognition #memory #revision.

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