Nearby Share


Nearby Share

5 Aug ’20 Teaching 0

I have been keeping an eye on Android’s long awaited ‘Nearby Sharing.’ Then, this morning, a flurry of news reports and introduction video.

Nearby Sharing, similar to, though decidedly less catchy than Apple’s AirDrop, Nearby Sharing allows Android devices to quickly share files and photos between devices in your vicinity both off and online. What I am most interested / curious about, is how it may be used in the classrooms and with Chromebooks.

The feature will also eventually be compatible with Chromebooks and Chrome OS ‘in the coming months.’ Possibly PCs?

Google says Nearby Share will start rolling out from today, (selected Pixel and Samsung devices) then to a wider range of Android devices over the next few weeks.

Now looking to learn what the term “vicinity” means and how it work in practice. We will be able to create predefined contact groups or classes? The nuts and bolts of it. So I am keeping and eye on the support page.


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