Online gaming in French


Online gaming in French

27 Mar ’20 Teaching 0

We tried setting up Fortnite Duos in French. Changing the language to French and “Match Making Region” to Europe. That was easy enough. First Harry checked-in on a solo game, just to get his bearings and cross reference terms instructions. Next Harry drafted a handful of phrases to help with his introductions and gameplay.

S’il vous plait, soyez gentil, j’apprends toujours la langue francai.

Please be kind, I am still learning the French language 

Game play French phrases, “bien joue,” “aidez moi,” “s’il vous plait a court de munitions,” were posted in front of him.

He tried ‘duos’ and he had a little success but paired with a lot of ‘no-mic’ gamers (players without headsets and mics). He did bump into quiet a free English speakers. Next he tried squads – limited success there also. So next on our list language adventure is Rocket League 2v2. It took a little longer to find the setting and region but sadly, little or no success.

Of course, we’d prefer an immersive experience, with a realistic language experience: listening and speaking however that has not been possible. Our other idea is to look at first person or adventure games, with dialogue in French. Games with multilingual voice acting tend to be in the bigger-budget games (AAA), or possible the indie games. We are keeping an eye out for secondhand AAA titles such as ‘No Man’s Sky’ for the PS4. Then over to the Humble Bundle site sale and lastly abandoned ware or morgue ware sites for PC games.


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