Smart move Joe


Smart move Joe

23 Mar ’20 Teaching 0

Our three home-schoolers were eagerly waiting for #PEWithJoe at 8:50am this morning, along with 180,000 others. That number shot up to 614,000, reaching a global audience from what we heard from Joe’s shout-outs. Smart move #PEWithJoe. That increased to 950,000 households on day #2.

As for the concept itself. LIVE PE is clearly a scalable idea, one that capitalises on our children’s enthusiasm for all things Youtube and LIVE. I can see this time-slot continuing, used in many a Primary classroom once we reconvene, with mindful spin-offs even.

I am not sure if there is a curriculum solution as ubiquitous and safe as Joe’s 30 minutes activity. Thinking creatively, what other similar curriculum solutions are there? Activities that would benefit from daily or weekly LIVE sessions? (Setting aside the weekly online Shakespeare productions that is?)

Reading? What about reading a classic? First the book is free. Second, could we garner Simon Callow’s love for Dicken’s to get him to consider reading Dicken’s Oliver Twist or A Christmas Carol? A title for Year 4, 5, or 6? Is there a Maths equivalent? Science? What about History with? Or Geography with? If nothing else, these would make fantastic resources for when we return.

There is definitely a #getcreativewith… opportunity. 5 Minute Crafts is already super popular, but what about “low resource,” creative sessions via Youtube? Or at the other end? What about this for an idea. @Procreate, give away your wonderful digital arts package for school-age children? Share some tutoring sessions and build a future client base of epic proportions?

Just thinking out loud. It is going to be a long few weeks. In adversity there are always an opportunity to think differently.

nb* @Procreate did get back in touch. No new smart moves, however, they will be doing “more livestreams this year.” Like teachers, due to “Covid” they are no able to create new content. Quite rightly, they “wouldn’t want to endanger our team or artists.”


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