Sunday trefoil 22.09.19


Sunday trefoil 22.09.19

22 Sep ’19 Leadership 0

Over on the TES, Kai Vacher (Principal of the British School Muscat in Oman) is reminding us of the importance authentic leadership. That “strong and robust” leadership are less important than a “wise and just” style, with leaders “driven as much by a vision of a good society as by competitive advantage”. 

This week, Tom Barrett reposted, Responsive Leadership – leading from the back to the front, possibly the first time I read or heard the phrase laddership (back in 2017), though not the warning within Tom’s blog post. The warning being that of ‘false dichotomies.’

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, educationalists are debating a possible future state without Ofsted.

September 22.09.19


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